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Art –bike tour “Sketching”

Tour Description

Tour price:

Group tours (10 people and more) - 35 800 rub. per person .

Tour length: 6 days/5 nights

Dates: 30% payment in advance is necessary

Included into the price:

  • Transfers

  • double room accommodation in a Comfort room of a boutique –hotel Imereti . Single accommodation is possible for additional payment.

  • Breakfasts and dinners in a hotel restaurant

  • Guides for all excursions

  •  Art master-classes ( materials are provided) under the guidance of a teacher

  • Entry tickets to museums and exhibitions

  • Bikes are provided

  • Photo session in the Kremlin territory

  • Lake tours on the boats

Not included into the tour price:

  • air and train tickets to /from Kazan

  • private expenses

  • food, not included into the tour program

  • medical insurance

Tour program


Day 1

Arrival to Kazan , transfer to Imereti hotel. Accommodation in Imereti hotel-boutique, meeting with organizers and participants.

19.00-20.00- dinner meeting party

20.00-21.30 Night excursion “ City lights”.

Comfortable transfer to the hotel.

After arrival to Imereti hotel you may visit a dinner party in a restaurant.

Then you will go to the Night excursion around the city and be able to enjoy the city lights and make amazing photos.


The excursion is charming and will let you get the information about the city , its historical and cultural life. You will visit such places of attraction as Kazan Arena, Aguatic Sports Palace, Ak Bars Martial Arts Palace, Kaban lake, the Millenium Park, the Millenium Bridge, Kirlai Park, Bulak channel, Svoboda Square, Opera House, Fountains Square.

Moreover you will see the Old Tatar Settlement with its picturesque view on Kazan National Cultural Center , the Farmers Palace , Ekiyat dolls theatre.

The most amazing and positive emotions are guaranteed you. 


Day 2

  • 9.00-9.30-Breakfast

  • 9.30-12.30- The bike-tour to the Kremlin. 15 min. per each person photo session and group photos session.

  • 12.00-12.30- Lunch in the Kremlin territory ( Tatar and European cuisines).

  • 14.00-16.00- National Museum of Tatarstan visiting. “Alive composition” interactive program is provided for the tour participants.\

  • 16.00-17.00- the Tatarstan’s Museum of Natural History visiting

  • 18.00-19.00- the Epiphany Cathedral’s History Museum visiting, the “ Old-Russian calligraphy” master-class will take place.

  • 19.00- Arrival to the hotel, dinner.

    Free time. Walking tour along Bauman street is available at your wish.


Cozy and slow morning in the Imereti hotel, its comfortable rooms will let you feel free and not worry. Just enjoy yourself in a Georgian style hotel. Fitness center is available as well.

The buffet  breakfast is various and delicious in a hospitable  Georgian  style.

Your bike-tour starts from the Kremlin visiting.

The history of the Kremlin is deeply connected not only with the Kazan Khanate history  but the lands capture by Ivan the Terrible , who expanded the country’s territories to the east. A new religion, architecture and culture were brought to Kazan. The Kremlin symbolizes the mixture  of cultures. The Kremlin is situated in one of the highest places of the city ,so it is a great place for a photo session you are going to have.  

The session’s accessory is a bike ,so please think of your outfit matching the bike. One of the variants of the session can be a vintage style, which we can help you to organize.

Amazing shoot are waiting for you at locations:

  • Suyumbike falling Towel (as Piza’s)
  • The Spaso -Preobrazhensky Monastery , founded in the 16-th century by Saint Varsonofiy
  • Annunciation Cathedral, which arch is set on 6 round columns as in  Uspenskiy Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin
  • Kul -Sharif Mosque- the main mosque of Tatarstan.

After the photo trip you will have lunch in the Tatar and European cuisine “Cannon yard” cafe. You  will choose the menu in advance for the lunch could be served on time.  

The exciting museums are waiting for you in our tour:

  • the Natural History Museum of Tatarstan
  • The Islam Culture Museum
  • the Epiphany Cathedral’s History Museum where you will be able to take part in “Alive composition” interactive program. The rich and interesting world of our ancestors will be shown you in a period of 2 hours .

You will be able to

  • Know you weight on space scales , watch space ships, feed ancient fish in a pre-historic aquarium , will see the Ice Age inhabitants, meteorites samples from different parts of Tatarstan
  • Know the specifics of the Islam perception by Tatars and the Tatars role in the Islam culture.
  • Write you names in one of the most wonderful kinds of writing on a master –class “Old Russian calligraphy”. You will know some aspects of Russian calligraphy, see some works and the instruments to work with.

Day 3


  • 9.00 – 09.30 Breakfast

  • 9.30 Bike-tour to the first outside art lesson

  • 10.30 Art lesson on lake Kaban

  • 12.30 lunch

  • 14.00 Konstantin Vasilyev Museum visiting

  • 16.00 the second art lesson in the studio

  • 18.30 Departure to the hotel, dinner

  • 21.00 Promenade performance “ How Yoldiz was looking for the beauty”

  • 22.00 arrival to the hotel of free time walking




After a tasty breakfast in Imereti hotel we are going to our first plein -air on the lake Kaban . Plein air stands for “in the open air”. The pictures made at plein airs , are the most effective and alive.

Then we are going to Konstantin Vasiliev’s Museum.

After lunch and some rest we will have the second art lesson in a studio.

Konstantin Vasiliev (1942-1976) lived in Vasilievo settlement , Kazan outskirts. He was an Art teacher at school, worked in factories as an artist, in a film studio, took part in Republic  exhibitions and was granted awards.


In the evening   we will watch the performance “How Yoldiz was looking for the beauty”. This is a story about genuine values to be taught to children and to be remembered to adults. Audio-tour around Old Kazan. The answers to the questions about the beauty , the perception of the world by another person will be found in this story as well as making some kind acts, and lake Kaban’s mystery acknowledgement.

The performance starts from Kamal theatre.


Day 4

  • 9.00 – 09.30 Breakfast

  •  9.30 Visit to Museum ”City Panorama”

  • 12.00 Plein–air in an authentic Tatar Sloboda Settlement yard.

  • 13.00 Lunch break ( do it yourself).   – The Modern Arts Museum visiting.

  • 14.30 Plein–air ‘s continuation.

  • 16.30 lake walk along Kaban.

  •  18.00 Arrival to the hotel, dinner.


After breakfast we are going to the City panorama Museum, where the past and the future meet.  

  • We will see the images of Kazan of 16-18 centuries carefully made on the realistic layout as well as a modern Kazan with its historical centers buildings.
  • We will be able to shake hands with Peter the Great or Gabdulla Tukai and some  other famous historical heroes. This is all possible with the completed reality technology. The photos can be printed on the first floor of multi-media stall.
  • We will walk along streets of the Past times, carefully recreated by scientists and artists regarding historic originals.
  • We will be able to have a birds’ eye view  on Kazan , manipulating the 3D joystick .
  • In 3 D reality glasses we’ll see  Kazan’s  prospect , animated by infographics.  

The art lessons will be continued in an authentic yard of the Old Tatar Settlement where the lunch is planned too. The hotel-restaurant complex Tatar Manor is the place where the past and the modern times are bound. The complex used to be a real  Tatar manor of Sabitov merchant. There is a picturesque view on a cozy Old Tatar Settlement and lake Kaban. Tatar and European cuisines restaurantswith a wood cooker, the hotel, the Gallery of handicrafts, the Touching Zoo, souvenirs stalls and the swan backwater are situated there.

The evening will present us a lake boats tour along Kaban lake.


Day 5


  •  The projects overview

  •  Excursion to the Arts Museum of Tatarstan

  • Free time. Transfer to the airport

    Very tasty breakfast in Imereti hotel.

    All the artworks , you’ve made, will give you warm memories of the time , spent in our friendly  company.

    Excursion to the Arts Museum of Tatarstan, where we will see some amazing exhibitions, brought to Kazan from all other the world.


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