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Excursion to Elabuga


An individual excursion with Russian, English, French, German, Turkish, Tatar and other language speaking guides is available at any convenient time.

Price: 1700 rubles.

The price for pensioners and children under 14 years old is 1600 rubles.

For children under 7 the excursion is free.

Prepayment is to be made before the excursion.

Booking in advance is necessary.

The excursion lasts 11 hours .

Departure time: every  Thursday and Saturday at 9.00 from Kazan Circus (main entrance).

How to get: “Central stadium” bus stop or “Kremlevskaya” subway station.

Elabuga is a small cozy old town on the right bank of Kama river , 215 km. far from Kazan.

This one of the oldest towns in Tatarstan has a 1000 years old story.

The amazing historical and architectural monuments have been saved in this small tradesman town till nowadays.

The lands of the town had been   inhabited long time ago in the I-II centures B.C. The Volga region Bolgars’ settlement was settled here in the 12-th century. The part of this settlement is still preserved nowadays and is called “Chertovo settlement”. In the 18-th century the settlement had become the   town and got its name Elabuga according to Katherine II decree. In a while Elabuga was known as a big trades, industrial and cultural center of  Kama region.

This town is included into the list of historical cities in Russia. Surrounded by the picturesque landscape, ancient  churches, old stone -made mansions and being undoubtedly the prototype of the merchants’ architecture of th 19-th century the town ‘s been able to save its incomparable look till nowadays.

Elabuga is also famous for outstanding Marina Tsvetaeva , who spent the last years of her life in this town and the great Russian artist  Ivan Shishkin , whose childhood and adolescence were spent there.

At  the excursion you will see the witnesses of the middle ages events “Chertovo” settlement and its magic tower;

Shishkin’s ponds- the park above the Toima river valley;

  •  the Millennium Square of Elabuga,
  • Spassky Cathedral dated by the19-th century;
  •  Kazan street , where the millionaire merchants’ houses are located;
  • The eparchial college as a monument for Elabuga merchants’ charity activity;
  • Petropavlovskoye cemetery , where Marina Tsvetaeva was buried;
  • Alexandrovskyi garden , founded in the honor of the Imperator Alexander II;
  • The monument to the woman cavalry N.Durova;
  • You will also visit museums, such as Shishkin’s Museum-the house, Marina Tsvetaeva’s house of memory where the great poetess of the Silver age  spent her last days, the literature museum named after M. Tsvetaeva

Lunch is 300 rubles per person.

To book