Excursion to “The Ancient Kazan” Museum- Reserve.


Price: 800 rubles.

The price for pensioners and children under 14 is 700 rubles.

For children under 4 the excursion is free.

Prepayment is to be made before an excursion.

Booking in advance is necessary.

The excursion lasts 4 hours .

Departure time: on Sundays at 10.30  from Kazan Circus (main entrance).

Directions : “Central stadium” bus stop or “Kremlevskaya” subway station.

An individual excursion with Russian, English, French, German, Turkish, Tatar and other language speaking guides is available at any convenient time

The Old Kazan Governmental Historical -Cultural and Natural Museum -Reserve”. A huge complex of unique historical-cultural , archeological and natural objects , included into the sanctuary zone of “The Old Kazan Governmental Historical -Cultural and Natural Museum -Reserve”, is located 45 km. to the North-East from Kazan. The sanctuary expands on a holy land outside Kazan close to Tatar Aisha, Kamaevo, Russian Urmat villages. 

This town in the estuary of Kazanka river with powerful walls, noisy markets, marvelous palaces and blooming gardens originates from the period of the Golden Orda extinction. There are some names of the town such as Gazan, Bulgar Al-Djadid, Kazan, Old Kazan.

There is a legend named  “Unburned village” which tells that after the capture of the town by the Golden Orda armies, Asak Timur (Bulat Timur) executed the local Emir Gabdulla .The Emir’s sons Altinbek and Galimbek could escape. A new settlement , which later became the Kazan Khanate , had started to arise in the territory of ruined in 1236 and restored in the Golden Orda period Volga-Kama Bulgariya. The center of the Kazan Khanate was the Old Kazan, which had recovered the previous level of trading and external links.

The territory of the town is 137,2 hectars nowadays , the number of the General Fund exhibits is 1163.

These archeological and epigraphic memorials of the Volga Bulgariya , the Golden Orda and Kazan Khanate, are included into the Museum-Reserve compound:

 The Old Kazan (Kamaevskoye)  settlement ( 13-th century , 1552)- the major political and economical center of the outside Kazan region and a cultural layer of the Bolgar-Tatar settlement at the same time.  The town was destroyed by the Russian Army in 1552 .


  Some remains of houses, constructions,  workshops, tools, ceramics, coins of the 14-th- 15-th centuries , metal weapons were found there. The researchers link the Old Kazan (Kamayevskoye) settlement with the Old Kazan town.

The cemetery (14-15 centuries) with tombstones

The Russian Urmat Settlement (12-14 centuries) as a cultural-domestic layer of the Bolgar-Tatar settlement. The remains of tools, jewelry, weapons were found .

The Russian Urmat cemetery ( 13-16 centuries) with tombstones signed in Arabian- Ancient Bolgarian language.

The Historical- Ethnographic Museum in Kamaevo settlement

The landscape of these places is represented in Kazanka river terrace, hills, lakes, the riverbed of Kazanka.

The Holy Places:  

 The Gaisha Bike’s grave

The Saint Mullah Haja spring

The Khan spring

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