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City tour around Kazan , visit to the Kremlin and Bauman street


We offer you to go sightseeing and visit the most interesting  landmarks and city outskirts with our professional guides. A fascinating and informative excursion to the historical places of Kazan will give you great emotions and impressions.

The insurance, transport and excursion services and entry tickets are included into the price.

An individual excursion with Russian, English, French, German, Turkish, Tatar and other language speaking guides is available at any convenient time.

Price: 550 rubles

The price for pensioners and children is 500 rubles.

For children under 7 the excursion is free.

Prepayment is to be made before an excursion.

Booking in advance is necessary.

The excursion lasts 3 hours +1 hour free walking tour along Bauman street.

Departure time: daily at 11.00, 13.30, 14.00 from Kazan Circus (main entrance).

Every day at 11.00 from the central railway station.

Directions : “Central stadium” bus stop or “Kremlevskaya” subway station.

The program
Having a tour around the city you will get the fullest information about the city and its landmarks.

Under the guidance of a professional guide, you are able to see:

  • Saint Varvara’s church- the symbolic “Gate to Siberia”.

  • The National Cultural Center of Kazan square.

  • Visit to national entertainment center “Tugan Avilim”

  • The park of the 1000-th anniversary of Kazan.

  • The Old Tatar Sloboda, where  Tatars lived after Kazan being conquered by Ivan  the Terrible and a visit to Marjani Mosque.

  • Lake Kaban  known for its mysteries and legends.

  • The  sailboat-like building of Tatar Kamal Theatre.

  • The Kazan State University.

  • The Sukonnaya Sloboda

  • The Bulak bayou.

  • The Svoboda Square- cultural and administrative centre of kazan.

  • Spasskaya tower-the main gate of the Kremlin.

  • The administrative complex on the Svoboda square where the Kazan town hall, the Opera and Ballet theatre, the Conservatory, the Government of the Republic are situated.

You will visit:

  • The Holy Cross Church, where you can see the Vatican list of Kazan Mother of God’s icon.

  • The Kazan Kremlin where the archeological and historical monuments’ complex is settled as well as the cannon yard, the military school , the falling Suyumbike tower, the President’s palace, the Kazan khans’ tomb.

  • The Kul Sharif mosque

  • The Annunciation cathedral

The lunch is 300 rubles per person


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